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In a modern world in which we move at rapid speed, our hands in many pots, and are forced to discover who we are within seconds, it is no wonder that many of us feel like a car with its wheels spinning, but no acceleration; or our inner GPS has taken us on routes we don't know where.    

We don't know what to do, we feel stuck in a rut, and beg to know where we can go from here.  What I offer is an experience to slow down, breath, and rediscover who you are, what you would like out of life, and where you would like to go through the use Expressive Arts.  

The field of Expressive Arts is the experience of one art form flowing into another, and then another; the various art forms used together form a beautiful tapestry of self-expression, a method of self-knowing.  The social science of Psychology, with findings in Neuroscience, have come to the revelation that the Expressive Arts help to heal personal and communal brokenness, increase self-confidence, and foster self-discovery through an openness to wonder and imagination.   

The core concept within Expressive Arts is a low-skill, high-sensitivity framework.  In other words, no artistic skill is necessary in any of the art forms you are introduced to.  The key is an openness to imagination and discovery through exploring the art materials you bring with you, and Facilitator-directed activities.   There is no judgement of artwork as good or bad, only a willingness to encounter endless possibility.  


I invite you to come, slow down, and tune into your openness to imagination.

Your Story Journey

Whether it's through dabbling in paint, writing a poem or short story, fiddling around with fun musical instruments, or swinging your hands high in the air,  each art form will bring out your life story journey and help you shine like the star you are!


An openness to explore art materials of all sorts, to bring them together in such a way as to explore and discover you!  Widening the scope of discovery through directed expressive writing activities...maybe the inner calling to play a drumbeat?  Possibility awaits!

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